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Antivap, 5 liters

Antivap, 5 liters
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Antivap is a natural wax which forms a protective layer on and under the leaf.
It stops evaporation, especially during weak periods such as after planting or during very dry, hot weather.

Trees which have been replanted have lost a lot of their root system, and may evaporate excessively once moved. The roots are not yet capable of compensating the transport of moisture, and the plants wilt and become stressed.
It is precisely in such periods that Antivap is the ideal solution to halt evaporation of the tree. Antivap is sprayed over the leaves and buds, leading to less evaporation and better recovery of the plant.

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Antivap is diluted and sprayed on the tree and leaves, until it begins to drip.

The recommended dilution is 1 to 20,
though this depends on the tree, the amount of foliage and the expected dehydration/evaporation of the tree. A slightly higher concentration will be necessary during hot summer weather.


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