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TreeGuard Granulated, 20 kilo

TreeGuard Granulated, 20 kilo
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Tree Guard premium is an environmentally friendly agent which drives away aphids, miner moths and many other annoying leaf sucking and leaf chewing insects. Tree Guard premium is a well thought-out product on the basis of natural organic nutrients, Allium sativa and Soya hisolia. 

The use of Tree Guard premium improves root (hair) growth, as a result of which the product will be effectively absorbed by the tree. Tree Guard premium is systemic: it is absorbed by the roots and transported into the leaves. 
The taste of the leaves will slightly change due to Tree Guard premium, rendering them less attractive to sucking insects. This will not be noticeable to human beings however. 

Tree Guard premium offers the great advantage that only leaf chewing or leaf sucking insects are driven away and that it will not affect useful insects, such as ladybirds, lacewings and suchlike. As a result, the ecosystem around the tree will be quickly restored. Tree Guard premium contributes positively to the health of your trees. 

Granulated Treeguard is applied just once at the tree base and works for a longer period of time. This granulate slowly releases the ingredients, thus giving the roots a constant amount of the active substance.

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Granulated TreeGuard:
Granulated TreeGuard is applied just once at the tree base and works for a longer period of time. It is important to start early in the season.
The natural nutrients in Granulated TreeGuard stimulate absorption by the roots, so that plant extracts will be carried along with the sap. Granulated TreeGuard has the advantage of a longer effect while also saving labour because of only being applied once.



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