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Pheromone trap

Pheromone trap
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The Greenguard Pheromone trap is an ideal way of both monitoring the spread and adverse effects of the Horse chestnut leafminer and limiting the damage. 

A dispenser with bait (pheromone) attracts the male of the species, who is then caught in the trap. 
The best place to hang up the pheromone traps is as high as possible in the tree, preferably in the shadow of a branch with plenty of foliage.

Monitoring is best done at an easily accessible place, approximately 2 to 3 metres high. This can be easily reached from the ground, so that the traps can be checked regularly.

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Horse chestnut leaf miner: The pheromone dispenser will need to be renewed 3 times per season in order to get effective control of a horse chestnut leaf miner infestation. The first trap should be set in late April, and replaced in late June and late August, before being removed completely in October.

The pheromone trap to fight the horse chestnut leaf miner can best be used in combination with the following treatments:

1) pheromone traps
2) removal of leaves under the tree
3) attachment of adhesive bands
4) the use of natural enemies

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