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Lumido, 4 kilos

Lumido, 4 kilos
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Lumido is a water retaining powder that is mixed with the soil when planting trees, plants and shrubs. It is also very useful for mixing through soil in flower beds and planters.

Thanks to the absorbent properties of Lumido, all the water given is retained in the soil, as is the rain. At times of "drought", the water and nutrients are released to the roots once again. This therefore provides a more constant supply of water, resulting in less stress for the plant. Very frequent watering becomes a chore of the past.


  • In dry periods in particular, or at locations where frequent watering is difficult, Lumido provides the solution.
  • Absorbs water and nutrients.
  • Easily re-releases water and nutrients.
  • Works as a water reservoir.
  • Helps plants and trees through dry periods.
  • The soil will also become looser due to the constant in and out movement of the powder.
  • Oxygen levels around the roots will therefore be improved.

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Lumido is simple to use.
Lumido is mixed through the soil when planting trees or shrubs.
This can also be done beforehand in the case of tree soil, in order to ensure a good mix.

In larger surfaces, such as sports fields, golf courses, etc., Lumido can be scattered evenly over the ground, and will be incorporated in the top layer after cultivating or digging.

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